Jensen Lee Photography, LLC

Photo by: Magnolia South Photography



Thank you for stopping by, My name is Jensen and I am based out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am so excited to invite you into this space that I call, Jensen Lee Photography. In December of 2016, I took a beautiful risk to create this business and I am forever grateful I did. I have a heart for capturing the beautiful, raw, most authentic you. I have a value for slowing down, for savoring the things that matter most and for embracing the humanity of moments. In a world full of hurry and fast paced norms, it is the road less traveled to slow down and to cultivate intentionality. My heart is that you, your family, significant other, or whoever I am documenting would feel full of ease and lightness in front of my camera. My prayer and desire is to capture the real, everyday moments that you will hang on your wall and your children's, children's children will one day ask you about. Your story and legacy are worth slowing down for, worth investing in, worth capturing and worth telling about.


a few things I love:

  • Jesus

  • my husband, Ephraim !!!

  • fresh roasted coffee

  • community

  • morning light / air

  • open windows

  • food blogs

  • essential oils

  • lifting weights

  • holistic wellness

  •  playing drums & guitar

  • plants and all things green 

  • long drives and belly laughing with my friends